STUBC WK. 8 Task 2 opt. 1

This is the last week of the Student Blogging Challenge. So I decided to tell you about all of the things I learned or thought about the eight weeks of blogging. First of all I kind of liked that we had different topics that we had to write about each week. Also that we had more than one choice every week. I would do this again if I was asked to. I used a lot of google slide presentations for these challenges. I wrote one post per week and I got 10 comments from other people. I went to a lot of other peoples blogs from around the world and commented on some. This challenge was a nice way for me to see all of the different culture around the world. Hope you had fun reading my posts for the past 8 weeks!

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STUBC Wk. 6 Celebrations & Festivities

For this weeks challenge I chose to do task 1. Task one was to write or cribbed the holidays that I celebrate. I could have just written a paragraph, but I think that is really boring so I decided to make mine with google slides. If you would like to see what holidays I celebrate click this link. Hope you enjoy!

STUBC WK. 6 Emojis

For this weeks challenge chose to do task 2. Task 2 was to create  a guessing game. I created a guessing game by putting it in google slides here is the link to my guessing game if you would like to play. The website I used to get the emojis is on the last slide of the presentation. If you want comment if you got them right.


STUBC Week 5: Task 8

This weeks challenge is about music.  I chose to create a song. I used the Google Song Maker. If you just look that up it will take you to this website and you can make a bunch of fun things. You can change the instrument and speed up the tempo. In my song I wrote my name in the blocks. I did this just for fun at first bun then I listened to it changed it up a bit and it turned out pretty good. If you want to listen to it here is a link to my song. If you do decide to listen to it comment on it what you liked or disliked about my song.

The Bridge Home Ch. 31-37 Blog Post

This weeks blog post is about something I would have a hard time giving up or something that I have given up. I am going to tell you about how I has to give up my dog.  I had a Boxer (dog breed) named Harley. My parents got her before I was born. She was my favorite dog ever. Her back legs stop working and she was in a lot of pain. My parents said that they had to put her to sleep. When I heard that I was really sad because I grew up with her. But I knew that we had to put her to sleep because she could barley walk. Then we put her to sleep and I have wanted another boxer ever since.

Task Two: Free Choice

For this weeks challenge we get to pick what we want to write about. So, today I am going to write about Halloween.  We celebrate Halloween every year on October 31. We celebrate by dressing up in silly, creepy, and scary costumes. Then around 5:00 or 6:00 PM we start going house to house saying trick or treat and the people that open the door give us candy, juice, snacks, and sometimes glow sticks. You can only go knock on the door or ring the door bell if the front porch light is on. Our school also puts on a haunted house for us to go to. There are different types like medium and then later in the nigh there is a scarier version. That is how we celebrate Halloween

The Bridge Home Ch.23-30 Blog Post

In class we are reading  The Bridge Home and this weeks post is about making connection’s in the book. The connection I can make with the story is when they came back to the bridge camp area and it was a disaster with things everywhere. I think that this is a text to world connection. I think that almost everybody has come home to their room being a complete mess. With either a bunch of clothes (like mine) or a bunch of toys ( more like younger kids). That is my connection from the novel “The Bridge Home.”

Ch. 16-22 Blog Post

#3. Write a letter as character to another character in The Bridge Home.


Dear Rukku,

I do not know what I would do without you. You make me who I am. I would be lost if you weren’t in my life. Just because you have  a disability does not mean I don’t care about you as much as I do anybody else. I will do everything to keep you safe. I know you miss Amma, but I took you away for a reason. I want us to be safe and I believe it was the best decision for the both of us.  If something happens to you I will never be able to forgive myself. It is so nice that we met Muthu and Arul they have really helped along the way. So lets keep going on this journey and make it a fun one.

Your Sister, Viji